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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

N-S-Oh! :D but :(

Three months is all that it takes to change lives. :)

Who would ever forget the first day of training in NSO? New faces, calculated actions, awkward exchange of hi's and hello's. Everyone seems to let the fact that work is finally right here, right now sink in to each one's system.

Who wouldn't remember the Bangus lunch from Chowking that we devoured during that first lunch? Or how each one made an effort to report to the office clad in collared blouses/polo shirts?

What about Ma'am Lea's infectious laughter (which made us somehow comfortable with her around even if we know she's a high rank official ), Sir Ronan's seemingly superior character that threatened us (which fortunately was just a front. Truth is, he's cool. Well, that's how the first shift described him.), Ma'am Jen's soft way of speaking and Ma'am Apple's many 'hang' moments. :))

And of course, there were also our LOL moments. Remember Rod's punching in at the wrong side of the time card? And Merbien's one hour late during the second day? Most especially, the epic question Princess asked that went like this "Kung maguba ang scanner, kami ang mubayad?" followed by her zesty laughter that made everyone of us laugh along and notice her.

With free meals for three days, we all wanted to be trainees forever. We found that painstakingly counting each form in each EA as taxing. Likewise, we dread operating the SCIPS and handling the scanners since we were intimidated by its costly price (think: 1.3 M for Kodak and 700K for Panasonic! Wow. Yaman ng NSO!!) But work life had to start. So even if the work sched is totally not normal (6am-2pm, 3pm-11pm), we reported to duty inspired by the higher-than-average daily rate(confidential! But, yes, pwede na 'panawid-luho' hahaha). :))

Days passed and as if by magic, we all got along very well. All we gotta do is feed the scanners with the numerous forms, click those right buttons, and voila! We can all go back to our 'chika' and 'sungogay' moments. Blame it on the not-so-challenging-and-definitely-not-brain-stimulating nature of job we had! :))

We act out like kids from high school even if we are all professionals already. We talk about things that I never imagined myself getting into any similar conversation until I met all of you. We are so eager to hang out with each other and eat out as soon as we get hold of our most-awaited salary!

We laughed out so loud, we didn't give a damn if we were too noisy unless Ma'am Adie reprimands us :)), we were just soooo into this friendship that's incredibly strong even if it only started just recently. We also had our share of bullying each other, making fun out of one's funny mistake (usually Merbien's slip of tongue which I and Lorie are so fond of teasing him about it), and yeah, even misunderstandings. A few also developed special feelings for some. Oh yeah, it's just really like in high school! :))

We went to places I didn't even think I can go to(Mandug,Magsaysay Park,Jack's Ridge, the new Voyzout branch, Kaputian and Isla Reta in Samal)or go back again and again (People's Park, GMall, GS elevator)if it weren't for all of you.

Our bond strengthened this friendship and the level of attachment we felt for each other really made us care for each one as a brother or sister. That's why we let out our full support when one of us decides to take the brighter path towards career growth (Rod's resignation for Megavia, Brgy. Kgwd. Julaysa's political career). Also, we are saddened when one of us gets into a predicament and tries our best to help out. I guess we owe it to the fact that we are literally always together. 8 hours duty for 6 days a week and even beyond.

And now that the contract plus the two weeks extension has finally came to an inevitable end, we all have to go on our separate ways and work out our lives. We have to once again kiss hello our resume editing sessions, job searching and anticipating a call or text from companies where we tried our luck to be a part of. In our next job, things may get a whole lot of serious so let's all cherish the memories NSO offer us. It's the only place where I felt as if school just had an extension. :))

We all knew this is gonna happen, considering we are only contractual employees.I was so used to being with all of you almost everyday and knowing everything's gonna be different makes me feel way, way sadder. :( Of course, we won't totally lose contact. What's the use of SMSing and FB, right? But then, it wouldn't still feel the same. :( The amount of time and fun we shared make it really, really hard not to miss US. For a short period of time, we've been friends and I know, in our heart of hearts, we'll always be. :)

So here's a compilation of my favorite group pictures we have. Just looking at these makes my heart go awwwww. I'll miss you, NSO Shift 2 Scanners. More than words can ever say. :(

1st picture2x ever! :)

wearing the NSO shirt. Parang mga regulars ah.:))

invading Egay Ayag's (as in the fashion designer!) atelier. \m/

Isla Reta getaway. :) One of the major laags!

masyadong bida ang Havaianas Floater! @Kaputian Beach Resort. Inconvenient but that's where the fun begun. :D

at the very romantic and breathtaking Jack's Ridge. :D

after several tries, finally, we achieved this EPIC WIN JUMP SHOT!! clap clap for us! yey!

Singing our hearts out @Voyzout

All together now. :) We treated out our supervisors, Sir Jay and Ma'am Adie. @Pizzahut, Gmall

NSO. Where work didn't feel like work at all.