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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Call Me The End.

It's been a while since I scribbled some electronic ink here. So much has happened and I couldn't find the motivation to write again. The year is halfway to its end. Time moves too fast, I should say. So far, 2012 is one of the fastest years for me. Might be because so many events took place during this year. Or this is the year I have tried a handful of new things to spice up this dry life. But maybe, just maybe, this is also because we anticipate the world's end. And if the world is going to end very soon, we should, by all means, seize every moment and live in it. In a time when the country's judicial system has been tainted with dishonesty and all other terrible things seem to take over, we couldn't help thinking the end is actually looming, foreshadowed by all these negatives. But who are we to know? We just have to make sure that if we're gonna end with the world's demise, we made each remaining moment special and did what is right. Haaay, 2012. If you are really the end, then the end has come too soon. I'm just actually getting started!! And before this entry goes far out, I'd like to post the current trending MV here. Looks like the world has really gone haywire. OMG. so gay. :))))) Call Me Maybe