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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Year of the Earth Ox

Definitely a very remarkable year for me. I've been through a lot and the lessons I gained nevertheless transformed me into a much better (and more workaholic)person. It had been a constant struggle of setting and putting my priorities in order, achieving my dreams, getting what I really want, letting go of the past, learning from pain and getting up with my two feet once again. My tears and laughter were manifestations that I've felt almost every possible human emotion which makes me say "It's one of my best years ever!!" :)

Here are some of the things I owe to 2009. :)

1. I realized I actually look good with a short hair. ;p

2. I was able to focus on my major subjects! SAD and OJT, I still have you to inspire me to do well in school. ;)

3. I got to travel to Lucena! All expense paid by ATENEWS! :))

4. I made a lot of great friends this year!! ( from CEGP, ATENEWS, CS Division, AdDU and a whole lot more!)

5. Ehem, I became EIC for ATENEWS! XD But then again, as the popular line from the movie Spiderman goes, "WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITIES..."

6. It opened my eyes to the real status quo of the society. And with this knowledge, I MADE MY STAND! :D

7. It taught me so much about getting my life back and building it all over again.

8. It made me realize that LIFE GOES ON. The world waits for no one.. we all have to go with the changes.



Ciao, 2009!! Hope 2010 will only get better!!! THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS YEAR! :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

CHRISTMAS insight. :)

It has been my 19th Christmas for the record.

As always, it's my favorite holiday. I actually revealed this in my column for the Nov-Dec 2009 ATENEWS issue but since it's gonna be released come January, I'll reveal it again here. :)) I love Christmas not only because it gives me a break from my draining, disheartening school life but also because I could feel that for once, people try to be happy and make other people happy, too. Gift-giving, decorating, partying--those can attest to what I just said.

On second thought, it must be everybody's favorite holiday. Although it can't be denied that it entails spending lots of money (whew, some even say they spend their 13th month pay to the last cent just for Christmas!) , it is definitely worth it. After all, it's for the family and friends whose presence really matter.

However, with recession and all sort of calamities the country encountered this year, I can't help but wonder how people still flock to the mall when we've been through a lot. Seems like the recession don't hit us that much.

It's a good thing actually, considering that we are still able to buy nice stuff for Christmas. Only that we should be practical enough to spend on things that would really make our celebration more essential, and scrap the unnecessary. :)

Oh well, Christmas still shines even brighter because we realize it's for Christ. :)