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Friday, May 14, 2010

What's in my name?

Right after having our weekly consultation on Business Plan Financial part with our very cool and gorgeous teacher, Suppie, Justine and I decided to push through with our plan of watching the newest comedy Pinoy movie, Here Comes the Bride, since we find the trailer hilariously funny. :)

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Luis then tags along with us and by default, becomes our unofficial driver. (Thanks by the way for the lift and the mango squares. They're yummy!)

When we finally arrived in GMall, the movie has already started but we still bought tickets and went inside the cinema house.

And just as we wanted, we laughed out loud at the funny scenes and found the plot very interesting.

It just caught my attention that the character of Angelica's chubby best friend who would later on play as the maid of honor goes by the name of Maris.

Days ago, I also discovered that Maja's character in ABS-CBN's afternoon series, Precious Hearts Romances: Impostor, is also named Maris.

And all the while, I thought my nickname is uncommon and that I could never encounter any movie or TV show that has a character bearing the same name as mine, which is apparently a reason why I like my nick very much more than I do with my seemingly old fashioned but nonetheless classic real name, Ma. Cristina. Then again, I thought wrong and maybe I should not be surprised if I would again watch a movie which has a "Maris" in it.

But anyway, the movie was a reachable and relatively cheap form of stress
relieving activity. And I look forward to watching Precious Hearts especially after college. Weeeee. :)