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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jobs Fair

One of the things any Ateneo graduating student in their rational mind should be grateful for is the fact that we are blessed enough to have our Guidance Center launch an annual Jobs Fair for AdDU's graduating students. Year after year, Guidance invites more or less 90 companies to which the graduating class can submit their resumes to, let them take exams and screen them in the interview.

For three years, I've seen students from the upper class stress over this event, my own dearest cousin included. I was still in second year when she instructed me to hand her some pertinent documents she'll be needing for the Jobs Fair. She seemed so harassed and pressured so I decided to just do as she wished, afraid to add up to her stress piling up. :))

Fast forward today, it's somehow unbelievable to be the one who is actually stressing over the Jobs Fair. Last Friday and Saturday, Guidance did its yearly task and we, the GRADUATING CLASS OF ADDU 2010, are there to give employment a shot.

Lucky us, IM students, because we need not splurge on an outfit for the event unlike what the others did, though some of my classmates had their hair cut short and undergo some salon treatments. See, majority of the people I know exerted an effort to be at their best during those two eventful days.

So while everyone is so engrossed in putting their best foot forward for companies to notice and hopefully hire them, I made my way to ATENEWS office where I had to edit my resume (which is luckily stored in my email account) since my flashdrive was buried under my pile of trash at home. hahaha! Kidding aside, I did not feel any pressure as I surely took my time. I was not in a hurry to have my photo and resume printed. It seems to me like the Jobs Fair was not something very important.

Actually, for someone who is so sure that she won't be attending that most anticipated day of anyone's last year in college, the Jobs Fair can just cause heartache to me. Imagine having to say that I would actually make my prospective employer wait for me since I won't be leaving school 'til May or October, depending on the availability of Practicum 2 .

So I went around, lacking in motivation and will power but still convincing myself that I had to make the most out of the opportunity given to me. I submitted my resumes to a few companies and had undergone some rounds of interview. The multimedia and IT-related companies present there are looking for programmers and are located outside the city, which somehow made me feel more detached with what's going on. It obviously did not appeal to me at all. But I decided to stay until it's already closing time.

Needless to say, I felt so tired and it felt like I was just forcing myself into something I'm not ready to do yet. So it was only expected not to see me on the second and last day of the fair.

Oh boy, employment is still out of the question. I still have to jump over the hurdle of Systems Analysis and Design and Practicum 2. But anyway, it was quite an experience.

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