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Thursday, June 3, 2010


After being left behind by our batch mates when they graduated last March 20, me and my group mates then knew that we have to continue living our lives as students and pass our two remaining subjects (Practicum 2 and Philosophy of Religion) to also graduate in six weeks time.

We worked our butts off just so we can finish college with flying colors (haha. this one's exaggeration, i know. we're not lau de's of some sort but still, thank God for the passing grade!).

Philo 106 demands time for us to read every single line in the article. So I really did my part. :)

In Business Plan, which is our only remaining major subject so we had to request for tutorial (automatically, +60% in our tuition fee!), we exerted all our efforts to do field research on existing competitors, compute all possible expenses, estimate our inventory, project our income and do accounting to balance the Balance Sheet. T.T

We really took the subject seriously and come defense day, we did present the business plan just like pros do.

And after that, tadaaaa! College life is finally over. Yes, after eight regular semesters and four summer classes, we find ourselves bidding good bye to the University that created such huge impact in our lives.

Now, a week and a day after 'graduating' (the marching rites will be on March 2011 so there was not yet any feast or celebration here at home) and unemployed, things have been slowly sinking in.

I wake up in the morning with no classes to attend to. I have so many time in my hands. I can now spend my afternoons by having my much-desired siesta way back school days. I can now watch teleseryes and afternoon series and be amazed how I like watching Impostor partly because Maja's character is also named Maris. hahaha! Epic win!!

Also, I now think of employment (waaah!!). As much as I would want to chillax because I claim I need it after being so stressed out during my last year in college (3rd yr and 4th yr majors + ATENEWS EICship!!), still, I can't help but think the real reason why I went to AdDU to get my tertiary education -- to land on a high-paying and brain-stimulating job!!

For now, I'm out in the open, looking for a job that would suit me. And hopeful that all of my efforts spent in school would eventually pay off as I claim my place in the real world.


P.S. Now, I can say that I have every right to post this picture! :)


  1. @janely: thanks!! humana jud. now, for the serious things...hmm. :)

    @megana: thanks.. athina who? and..do i know you?