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Saturday, December 4, 2010

NSO nostalgia. Still.

Days before my NSO contract is about to end, I couldn't contain my excitement with the thought of getting all the rest I claim to deserve. I looked forward to complete eight-hour (or more!) slumber, chance to catch up on movies I downloaded centuries ago but remained unwatched, read books, make my room spic-and-span and fix whatever is in need of fixing. Try a new sport or hobby. Spend time with my closest friends who I always disappoint by my MIA (missing in action) status and family who barely feel my presence.Life after NSO is dedicated to relaxation only. :)

But when it finally happened, there was definitely a change of heart and mind. I put the blame on the ongoing repair/repainting of our house. Imagine waking up to the sound of hammers pounding on the rooftop and having to endure the sickening smell of newly-painted walls almost everywhere. It's enough to ruin a day.

To add to that, I really really really miss my NSO friends. Seems like everyone has not yet gotten over with the fact that NSO is already a closed chapter. We still keep on hanging out with each other and call it 'farewell party' but would you call such when you do it over and over again? I guess we never really learned to say goodbye. LOL.

I know I have to let them go. We have our own lives to face, own battles to fight for, own victories to claim. And we'll definitely keep in touch with each other. Rest assured, we'll be friends. Til the end. :)

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