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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pasko sa Ultro

Holidays are just few days away! I grew up loving Christmas season because I find people extra happy when this time of the year comes. It may be caused by the extra money they get as bonuses or 13 month pay coupled with the mall sales which really enable shoppers to get items up to half their price! It's a very ideal time to shop til you drop, especially because we have to buy gifts for the Christmas parties! No wonder why malls are always jump-packed on Christmas time.

Anyway, since I'm working for a private outsourcing company now, and they are definitely going to have a party by next week, I am included in the event also. It came as a shock since I'm a newbie. It's actually okay with me if I won't join. Personally knowing only one person who was a college classmate, I don't have any idea who my manito is. I bought a tumbler for him. It's a medium-sized, transparent but heavily tinted with dark blue kind. I hope he will appreciate it. Because I do. :)

Then, after a few rounds of discussion and meetings,everyone decided that the party venue will be somewhere in Aurora. The place is owned by a workmate's sis-in-law so we can actually avail of a discount. There's gonna be a lot of beers and drinking, and as observed, I know the workmates are gonna drink as much as they can. So I know I'll exit early since it's never my trip to 'tagay' and besides, I'm not yet comfortable with them. It will surely take some time. :)

Whew. I just realized that I am anxious. I guess Christmas will also be the time to get to know these people better. I just hope everything will turn out well so that I can find spending time with them as fun. :)

Merry Christmas in advance, Ultro people! :D


  1. Very belated merry christmas to you maris! Hmm, did you actually attended the party? Because I haven't remembered seing you there. Peace! :P

  2. advance merry christmas, love! :) yes, i was there. you just did not notice me back then. you were all eyes at...ehem..haha