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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another goodbye, but hopefully for my better path.

It all started when a college classmate and I unexpectedly bumped into each other in one of the popular fast food chains along Bajada. He was with his boss and other officemates. He asked me if I still write and if I'm interested in applying for content writer in their company, located in the metro's tallest building.

Days after, I applied and got accepted. It was a good thing since NSO ended a month ago, I'm running out of cash and our house was under renovation then, making it not conducive for bumming around. The setup was actually favorable for me - flexible time schedule (report any time, just make sure you will work for 9 hours a day), nice working environment and doing what I am passionate about -- writing. I worked as a content writer and used a spinning software for a month before so I was somehow confident I am armed with the skills and experience needed.

Admittedly, I had some level of difficulty when I was starting out, but my project manager is patient and she never gave up on me. Along the way, I learned the ropes and the ins and outs of the business. I managed to whip off articles with minimum revisions and reached the imposed quota. Later on, I also tried my hand at doing IT stuff, but I was more focused on writing.

5 months and 2 weeks since I joined Ultro Sourcing, I found myself bidding farewell to my current work, my officemates and the company. Where to? Davao City Water District. I will be working as one of the 5 Customer Service Assistants.

The pay will be lesser, the work schedule will be fixed, the pressure would be around the office. But why did I accept such? Career growth and stability, something that an outsourcing company like Ultro can't offer. So with a heavy heart, I left Ultro last Wednesday, June 1. But not without a party. Here are some pics from our merriment.

the closest I'll ever get to having a group pic.

Before we ate, I noticed they were passing this card around so I knew that they would give me a token of remembrance. I know they intended to surprise me but due to time constraints, they can't. But as destiny would have it (char!), I'm still so surprised how the card carried a comic atmosphere. :)) Why? Take a peek. :)

oh these people, see how they love to play pun on words, or names, rather. :)) and look how the 'from' and 'to' were interchanged! HAHAHA.

not-so VERY VERY VERY SMALL card from all of them. yiheeee!

...tadaaa! the messages! I really had a good laugh reading each. I'm amazed how witty, funny, random and out-of-this-world the advices could get. Everything's okay but I noticed the 'Have a Happy Birthday!' line! HAHAHAHA. ok, I know how hard it is to find a jumbo-sized card that isn't meant for the natal day. Nevertheless, I am still so touched by the sweet gesture.

I'll miss them big time. More than I'd like to admit. :(

I could only hope I'll be up for something better, and have a happier life. :)


  1. Whoaw, buti ka pa dami na napasukan. Ako wala pa ko Job. Naiwan kasi Philo ko, second sem ko pa makuha. xD

    Anyway, good luck ate Maris.

  2. apparently, you are reading the blog posts jud diay. thanks! I'm taking every opportunity that comes my way, habang bata pa. :)

    :( sayanga pud sa time oi. but cge nlang, once you're out of the University, I'm sure you'll find a job that fits you perfectly. :)

  3. awww, that was so sweet of your workmates! :) And I love the card! So witty! <3

    Career changes are scary and exciting at the same time! Have fun sa DCWD Maris! :)


    Go for gold sa bagong work my friend. Ika nga sa Science and Health, GO GLOW and GROW. :)

  5. @aui-yee Hi Janely! :) Lagi, they are just so sweet, giving me more reasons to miss them. Haaay. I love the card too. :D

    Yes, this career change makes me feel :/ but as they say, I will just "test the waters", Very apt, right? :))

    @Joyce: I love the tag line. pang-nutrition month! :)) Thanks friend!

  6. :D Glad na naa naka job na ganahan jud nimo :D

  7. @jenny: :D starting to love it Jen. unta padayon na ni. :)

  8. I never knew until now that you blogged about your departure. I tot you left us without care. (acheche)